Baryn Futa Sees Art As a Major Identifier of Any Society

Arts advocate Baryn Futa believes strongly that we owe it to our descendants to preserve our future generations to do the same. He believes it is vitally important to every society to preserve as much of its art as possible for the future. Baryn Futa sees art as a key method of communication among generations. Art is how the present keeps in touch with our ancestors and how we will keep in touch with our future descendants, which is why art museums and art collectors like himself are extremely important.

To be honest, these realizations came late in life for Baryn Futa. In fact, he was already retired when he began working at the Denver Art Museum and it was there that he was hit with a sort of thunderbolt. He knew immediately that the arts were enormously important, which explains why he attended numerous arts classes and why he eventually began his own art collection, which has grown to be very extensive and impressive over the years. He likes to lend his pieces to museums and other collectors because he wants to increase art appreciation where he can.