Baryn Futa and The High Art Appreciation

When one asks the question of what is considered “High Art”? There can be many responses in kind. Ideas varying from the quality of the work to its value. And more than that, the answer could expand to how the art was created and by whom. Another option would be that it is a definition best determined by the reach of the work itself. Many a scholar has noted the distinction between general culture and high culture being that of an endeavor towards the unachievable perfection that mankind attempts to attain. If this is the case, then it can be reasonably assumed that high art is that which endeavors towards the ideas of perfection using art as the medium.

Baryn Futa has a deep love for high art and it has become a life joy for him to be able to bask in its beauty when he is not working. Baryn Futa is not an artist himself, but has a high appreciation for those that live out that profession. Art is made to be appreciated by all who look upon it and the investment into art is an investment into the design of the human mind at play. Whenever given the option, Baryn Futa takes his time to understand and fully absorb the process and purpose of the high art that he spends his time on.